New Year's Resolutions for 2009

New Year's Resolutions for 2009It seems to me that the New Years celebrations are the same all around the world. It is just a simply a countdown to midnight with lots of friends around and climaxing with fireworks. For many the 1st January a day of recovery from the night before. How many New Year resolutions will be made and how many broken before January comes to an end. Quite a few I fear, but at least people are trying.

To me, New Year is always a reflection as to how this can improve on the year before. It is like turning a new leaf and starting again which I suppose is where the 'New Year's Resolution' factor comes in.

I don't make any resolutions anymore; in fact I haven't since coming to Bulgaria. The philosophy behind that is, why put oneself under this kind of pressure? New Year’s resolutions certainly aren’t a Bulgarian thing to do, but that isn't the reason why I don't do it, it just doesn't feel right nowadays for me to compete against myself. 15 years ago was my last resolution; that was to give up smoking. I have succeeded until now, but of course the competition of this particular resolution is not complete until you die. So in view of that this is a continuing resolution that remains with me until such a point.

So whatever your resolution, I hope it goes well and you achieve whatever you have resolved to do.

New Year's Resolutions for 200In the meantime, it remains for me to wish everyone a
Happy New Year and a
Peaceful and Productive 2009