Absolute Bliss

Well I'm back home in Bulgaria and although no home I could call my own am very happy to be living with Galia and her Bulgarian family who make me feel more welcome that anything I have ever experienced before.

New experiences galore and the writing will be starting up again shortly.................

So glad to be out of and away from England you would not believe! I may be penniless and have no job but you cannot buy happiness. It is a challenge living as many Bulgarians live making ends meet through non materialistic practices and making the most out of the resources they have.



I am going back to Bulgaria this weekend for good - again! Just about had enough of this stinking England - what nightmare it has been here not just for me but for Galia as well.

Another glorious experience off living off the land will be had in Skalitsa meeting all the lifelong Bulgarian friends that I have made there.

The future holds a stressfree lifestyle.

Goodbye and good riddens to shyti blighty...........