Away Home

The last two weeks I have been in Bulgaria but without regular internet access or any facility to write. I am going back in the UK for more work tomorrow.

My fears of losing the pictures from the diary account have another chapter to run before they are solved. I had no CD backup of the pictures in Skalitsa and my laptop is still inoperative as the maestro computer engineer in Yambol has not had time to seek and answer to the solution. The laptop with all my info on its inaccessable hardrive will remain in BG until he gets around to fixing it.

A new laptop is to be bought in the UK for fresh writing and new experiences are abound in my two weeks here in Bulgaria. No English spoken for two weeks bar a brief visit to Bulgaria Real Estate Online offices to see the new owners.

New hairdressing stories, tremendous increase in cost of living here, shopping sagas, roughing it in Skalitsa like old times and Bulgaria's way of seeing and doing things that work. All to come once my writing tools are in place again.

The bottom line is the pictures it seem will not come into play on my blogs until my old laptop is fixed and that may not be until April when the next planned visit to my Bulgarian home is made.

Needless to say I am loathed to go back to the UK, but it is the quickest way to see a lifetime in Bulgaria. The relative short time in the UK will secure more time in the country I love.

The person I feel more sorry for is Galia my partner, who firstly has to put up with me beccoming increasingly stressed out and secondly because she will be imprisoned in England with absolutely no social life there looking after my Dad 24/7. But we both have to suffer indignities to get what we want, who had thought I'd be going back again working for a supermarket with my total distaste and disgust for their greedy global policies.