Short Blog But Good Reason

Just to let people know that things are still very much in the fast lane here in Bulgaria. I have also changed this site back to a blogspot domain , ( I just can't see the point in donating $10 which is a whole day's pay.

Needless to say, the working full time and growing part time is going on although this last week has seen torrential rain every day and all you can do is watch as it is too muddy to do anything on the land.

I actually got to go and see Veliko Turnovo the former capital of Bulgaria on a flying visit in connection with work last month. The scenery was impressive but the density of traffic and noise from it and the lack of traffic free areas just spoilt the place. Essentially it is a town geared for traffic not people. Pity.

Short blog again, but at least it is now up to date.


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