Time For A Little Note and Reflection

It really has been quite an eventful few months here and to be quite honest a struggle. Not much time as usual for the things I want to do, namely cycling and blogging, but that is just down to life as it is here. How many of the population here have time to do what they want to do whilst trying to earn a living and grow the food that is essential for surviving through to the next season?

The rains have been prolific over the last few months and the tomato and grape crops are bordering on failure in many household and agro businesses. My tomatoes are just salvageable but the grapes are doomed. No rakia this year from the crops although the sliva is thriving on the rainfall we have had. The only stumbling block there is being able to afford the supplement of sugar needed to make it. The amount of work I do for the money to any western eyes may seem ridiculous, but this is why I am here to experience how it 'really' is in Bulgaria and not on a crest of a financial wave of indulgence. It has hardened me up to appreciate the little good things in life that were just not realised. 

I hope all that read this blog are well in their own blogging circles. I'm not too sure how many have realised that this blog has reverted to the blogspot domain which has now a PR2 rating as opposed to the PR0 of before. Strange how this works with Google....

I will try and write more regularly but it is difficult what with the work routine being the same almost everyday. Besides this it is a time for being outside in the slightly cooler evening air in the evenings after work, not stuck in front of a laptop in the kitchen.


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