Kukeri To Come In Yambol

It was a relieved man who turned up for work and found that he still had work, albeit in a reduced capacity. Bulgaria leads the way in Europe in the recession for cutting back hours and pay and this is true to form in this case. So, I have opted for reduced pay rather than reduced hours and now have to tighten the belt even further - rather that than have no work at all.

In recent weeks lots of things happen on a day to day basis, but I really haven't been in the mood for writing about it, but rather spending more time with new books on the horizon. I must admit, I get excited with the thought of having my say in book form, there is something reassuring about having a hard copy of your own writing on the bookshelf.

One thing I am looking forward is new Saturday, it is Kukeri in Yambol and will be there for the event for the first time since coming to Bulgaria in 2005. It will be a action packed and colourful day and something that is well worth attending if you are in the area. Things to come! 
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