The Worst Meal in Bulgaria to Date

We had some lovely people as guests staying at our farmhouse in Skalitsa while their new home was being renovated in a neighbouring village. We had made an exception for these people stay there after we had decided not to accept any guest unless we knew and trusted them to respect our home after some horrendous experiences of 'disrespectful' guests before. When we arrived at the farmhouse, we knew it would have been cleaned and left exactly as they had found it, this lived up to expectation as we entered out spotless home with a box of biscuits as a gift for us as a thank you. Now I have been spoilt stupid with food in Bulgaria since living here, there hasn't been any food I haven't liked, in fact there hasn't been any food I haven't loved. There has been so many tales about the food here and it continues today, but for a very different reason.

We hadn't got our daily groceries as we looked for something to eat for breakfast as we had arrived at the farmhouse at 8:00 in the morning and not eaten yet. Our guests had left a boxed pizza in our freezer; I guess they couldn't very well take it back to the UK with them so it stayed there. We decided to have this pizza for breakfast and went about following the instructions, which were in 10 different languages for cooking it. 10-12 minutes on a wire tray in the oven at a sizzling 230 degrees centigrade setting. The box and the plastic wrapping went into the wood burner as a fire starter as the pizza was cooking.

After the allocated time we took is out and let a cool a bit before tucking in. It was awful, dripping with fat and tasted of nothing in particular. The pizza base was like eating rubber. We couldn’t finish it and gave most of it to the street chickens.

Thinking on, I read only last week about someone comparing a pizza with sex, saying that they both are great every time even is it isn't that good it is still great. This is a mistruth from my experience today. I can honestly say this was the worse food I have had since living in Bulgaria, purely from the fact that it wasn't Bulgarian food. It was just some fast factory produced food from a supermarket that brought back the past for me. This is what I had to eat in the UK when living there, I guess millions of others just didn't know there are better eating options around in this world - Shame.

(Absolute no offence intended at all to our guests who left the pizza there.)