Women's Boxing in Yambol

Women's Boxing in YamWomen's Boxing in YambolDuring the last few weeks I have seen many posters that have gone up showing women boxing, there are lots of posters around trying to catch your attention. As I was waiting outside a shop for the women who as usual spent ages in the shop I took a closer look at one of these posters. It was in Bulgarian, but I could make out quite a bit of the transcript.

It was quite surprising that Yambol or the City of Yambol as it was incorrectly announced, was the venue for the first European Women's Youth and junior Boxing Championships. There were reported to be 130 boxers competing for the European title from 15 different Nations.

Not really interested in boxing let alone women boxing I didn't think anymore about it until the Bulgarian television news came on in the evening. It covers the event and announcing that a Russian won the gold and an Irishwoman coming second for sliver. Like I said, I'm not too interested in boxing and the thought of women punching the hell out of each other just drops even further in the appeal stakes. I'll tell you what though; quite few of the Babas in my village would do well in this sport. They are as strong as oxes and a s fit as a fiddle with the manual work they do each day of there lives, even the men daren't mess with them.

What does everyone else think of women's boxing?