Shock Waves Throughout Bulgaria from Student's Death

Bulgaria as whole is a non-violent society and away from cities and big towns criminal activity is very rare. Even in the urban and built up areas it is relatively safe to walk the streets in most places. So when a unprovoked beating took place leading the death of the victim, this was big news in Bulgaria, solely because it is a rare incident.

A Bulgarian student was beaten to death by a group of drunken lads during a Disco event in Studentski Grad on the 5th December. Studentski Grad is an area close to the capital with over 50,000 purpose built and affordable apartments for students who attend colleges and universities in Sofia. The attack, which was also made on his friend, was without warning and for no apparent reason.

The Studentski student community has been in a state of shock for over a week now and on Friday 11th December over 1,000 Bulgarian students alongside respected professors formed a peaceful rally protesting against the murder of the pharmacy student who was only 20 years old. The protest demanded tougher security measures on the campus and threatened if not met further rallies and protests will continue indefinitely.

Like many crimes in Bulgaria, when it happens most people know who did it. There were five suspects detained and remain either on bail of in custody, which back up this fact.

This is a major shock to the student community and the country as a whole. Many feel that 'yobs' and unprovoked drunken violence from youngsters is now embedded in young Bulgarian culture and is here along with the American rap music (well actually not music just gross and foul language) This helps fuel everything that is bad about a bad and permissive society. Not good news for Bulgaria, but this is still rare here right now.

Just a note to go alongside:
Most drunk related crime and deaths for that matter come from summer tourists at the other end of the country drinking it up on the Black Sea Coast. Bulgarians I know look at this and just can't understand why people are so anti-social and act like this.