Bulgaria's President Georgi Breaks the Law - Allegedly!

Bulgaria's President Georgi Breaks the Law - Allegedly!The Bulgarians are well know for their hunting prowess, after all Bulgaria is a natural haven for many prized hunting trophies, but the trophy is only part of it, there's food to be had. So when I saw this story, it didn't surprise me in the least.

Georgi Parvanov our beloved and popular president was in Uzbekistan last month on official business. During his stay his Bulgarian instinct was obviously to strong for him as on a hunting trip organised he shot a wild mountain goat. The President had apparently been following a strict schedule with his host and reportedly had been accompanied at all times by the Uzbekistan Prime Minister. He therefore must have been witness to this.

Why is this a big story then?

The wild mountain goat that was shot was a protected and endangered species called the 'arhar'. There is an Internet news site (http://www.fergana.ru) sourced in Moscow includes within a 'Red Book’ listing all of endangered species in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries - the 'arhar' is listed there.

Normally fines are imposed to person who violent the protection treaty, in Uzbekistan a fine of 200 minimum salaries or two years of community service is imposed. This is a severe penalty which indicates the seriousness of the offence.

However, there is no photographic evidence to suggest that this incident took place; this is amazing in such a high profile gathering. The story was sourced from insider informers, but they are too scared to reveal themselves for good reason - politics and self-preservation. If names were revealed of informers there would be another hunt organised.