One Night's Statistics On Bulgarian Roads

One Night's Statistics On Bulgarian RoadsDriving a car in Bulgaria is a nightmare. The conditions of the roads are one thing but the road sense of Bulgarians is the main contention and cause of so many problems. It is worse at night and the advice from an expatriate here who has been driving for a number of years here, to others who aren't familiar with Bulgarian roads is simply - Don't drive at night!

Everyday I see many near misses and on occasion crashes. It is no wonder there isn't more fatalities and serious injuries on the roads from the evidence see. Many driver just have this crazy selfish death wish, not just for themselves but others on the road (and on the pavements for that matter.) So when I looked at some statistics today that were given out for accidents and fatalities for one given night on Bulgarian roads, I was quite surprised at the figures that were given.

There was only one fatality this particular night. I was staggered that this statistic was so low. Other statistics revealed that there were 23 people injured from 20 heavy car crashes. Still, I feel that this particular night Bulgarian drivers have got off lightly from their proven bad driving habits. It could be seen as a misleading statement though. They reported injuries for only heavy crashes, how many were injured from light crashes I asked myself? Perhaps the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport are painting a purposeful false picture (well actually I know they must be with my expatriate eyes driving in Bulgaria.)

There was one more statistic that sounded a bit more realistic, and if you have ever driven in Sofia you will understand why. The number of traffic accidents during this particular night in Sofia alone was 154. I assume this included light and heavy crashes. This is more like the figure I expect, but even these may have been watered down and plainly wouldn't include those accidents that weren't reported.

Driving in Bulgaria and Sofia in particular and even more so at night is a massive risk you take here. I'd be far more happy going back to my donkey and cart in my village, mind you I've nearly killed myself a couple of times doing that as well!

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