Bulgarian National Pride Insulted - Action Taken

Bulgarian National Pride Insulted - Action TakenPride for your country and standing up for the protection of that is something that has fast disappeared from where I come from. So when I read about this story in Yambol where I now live, work and fell like this is now home, it is a pride that was felt for Yambol and Bulgaria as a whole.

There has been legal proceedings being taken against five Gypsy citizens who were witnessed tearing down the national flag of Bulgaria. This incident happened in a school in back in February 2008.

A 19 year old teenager (whose name was published) has had added charges of resisting arrest.

It took place is a local village school, but originally was prime news as the policeman who arrested the five was accused of beating them up. He was completely acquitted of the accusations a few weeks ago. The said policeman now confirmed that he would testify in the trial against the youngsters who as well as insulting the Bulgarian flag, now they had been found to have made up the story about being beat up.

There is strong support from Bulgarians across the country, as well as civil organizations and political figures publically in favour of the proceedings going ahead.

Talking to Bulgarians locally about this, they all agree that the degrading not only Bulgaria's national emblem (the flag) but the emblem of any country that looks after you, educates you and feeds you is blatant anarchy and should not be tolerated. They went on to say that it was an insult to the Bulgarian people.

Bulgarian National Pride Insulted - Action TakenMany gypsies in Bulgaria don't conform to Bulgarian law, segregate themselves away from Bulgarian society and many don't even consider themselves to be Bulgarian. This is an ongoing problem here with no resolution in sight. Bulgaria is seen now to be making a stand in this case namely that no one, regardless of their religion or other 'beliefs' is above the law and indeed the spirit of law.

Bulgaria has many faults, but on this my view I say "Good on you Bulgaria!"