EU Funds to Bulgaria to be Suspended?

EU Fund to Bulgaria to be Suspended?EU Funds to Bulgaria to be Suspended?Corruption in Bulgaria is ripe and is blatantly apparent to anyone with any sense. The main topic of conversation right now is the accusation of funds from the EU being sapped by many Bulgarian companies, no doubt with a mafia links.

The current Government have set a ‘Parliamentary Commission of the Fight against Corruption’ to try and counteract the situation. If it is not resolved the EU have threatened to suspend all funds to Bulgaria.

The latest action by this Commission is to draw up a list of the top 100 beneficiary companies who have received the most funds from the EU. This was announced only yesterday. It was also stated that there would be a reassurance that there would be no action against the companies listed but they have to be publicly accountable for the funds.

There had already been at least ten violations of funds under the various programs of investment from EU. One violation that is currently being investigated were the EU funds that were assigned to developing the road Bulgarian road infrastructure.

It remains whether this is just a Bulgarian political publicity stunt as many people I talk to feel that the politician are just as much involved with the creaming of funds but they have to make a public stand against it.

If EU funds are suspended, to the vast majority of Bulgarians it won’t make a blind bit of difference; to the corrupted contingent of Bulgaria it will. So what do you think the best form of action is?