New Year's Celebratons x 3

New Year celebrations somehow didn't seem as important as we attended three parties on three consecutive evenings in three different Bulgarian homes. The highlight was on New Year Eve, but not because it was New Year Eve, but because of the people we were with.

This particular New Year's Eve was not according to what we had originally intended, a last minute change of plan saw us in a village with a Bulgarian couple we'd not had a chance to see for many months, needless to say the talking took priority for the best part of 11 hours.

New Year's Celebratons x 3The countdown to midnight didn't really happen although we did know as the TV was on throughout the evening with non-stop Bulgarian traditional music and pop folk in the background. Sporadic dancing took hold of us on many occasions; somehow we just couldn’t help ourselves.

A quick mention on food - "Top Notch" (Deserves a blog on it's own.)

It was bed at 3:00 in the morning and a walk just before midday in the glorious winter sunshine which was enhance with a sprinkle of snow in the village due to it's elevated position some 1000 metres about sea level.

No chance to rest as we returned to our village of Skalitsa where another party in the evening was held on our behalf as we'd missed the previous evening with our neighbours - And tonight? We are due another party, but being of old age and feeling quite infirm with all this partying we had to decline do to exhaustion and heavy snow outside right now.


  1. just found your blog. Sounds like you have a sweet and simple life.
    i assume you are originally from the UK?

  2. you attended 3 new year's celebrations ? Cool... :)

    Happy New Year Martin. Wishing you joy, happiness, laughter, and success :)

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    you're pretty hadn't been 10 minutes or so before i seen if your blog took to the dropdown menu..when i realized there were not one but two posts on my blog.

    thanks again for the comment

  4. I love those mountains...the photo makes everything look so serene. ;-)

  5. It looks to be a brilliant cross-country ride ... Many other lovely nations not too far away



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