Bulgarian Road Tax - But Not Just Yet

Bulgarian Road Tax - But Not Just YetAs I walked around Yambol today it was a winter wonderland, the scenery with snow just changes the character of the town. The change from a bright café society culture a few weeks ago, into a cold winter coat clad society, left us all treading carefully around the snow and ice-bound roads and pavements.

The reason I was in Yambol was to get my vignette sticker or more understandably the yearly Road Tax sticker. Nationally, it is due on the 1st of January and of course all Bulgarians leave it until the last day and beyond. There had been warning of fines on the TV for anyone found with an out of date tax over the last few days. Without this campaign, Bulgarian drivers would just put off buying it further into the year.

Bulgarian Road Tax - But Not Just YetI’ve said it before and will say it again, most people here believe most of what they hear and see on television, I have always had a great suspicion of most things on television, but in Bulgaria some of the stuff I see is laughable for anyone to believe, but Bulgarians do - Another chapter another time perhaps.

Back on track:
I’d wished that I had bought my ‘Road Tax’ before the New Year, there wouldn’t had been any queues then and it would have been warmer. The queue, which was winding around the outside wall of the main Post Office was something I expected, but not to this decree. There must have been around 40 to 50 men waiting to give their 67 leva away for a little plastic sticker for their car window screens. Yes, there were all men in the queue, as dealing with cars and car business is a man domain here.

Well the sight of the queue was enough to put me off buying it today. Besides my Lada was under half a metre of snow, no policemen could possibly see the car windscreen right now without the aid of a snow shovel. I’ll try again tomorrow and if that fails, I’m not that worried as more snow is forecast tomorrow anyway.