Snow at Last - Cause for More Celebration in Bulgaria

Snow at Last - Cause for More Celebration in BulgariaIt has been quite a worry over the last month or so that we have had no snow. It is quite unusual for Bulgaria not to have a white Christmas or at the very least to have had snowfall prior to the festive season. This year it has been different.

There is much talk and concern at village level of the low well water levels that were almost run dry last year. Without snowfall this winter, they fear that this year this will go from bad to worse. Villagers rely on the water from their wells for their produce and home use. Many homes don’t even have water main supplies and will have to resort to shipping water supplies from natural springs in most village centres, this of course is fine for domestic supplies, but for smallholding that depend on water for crops, impossible.

So the New Year came and the talk was of drought this coming summer, then yesterday, the snow finally came, and lots of it. There is forecast even more on its way throughout the week, this is cause for even more celebrations and that’s how it is right now. Even though many villages are now snowed in, there will be more celebrations beyond Christmas, New Year and countless name day celebrations.


  1. Such a happy people. i hope things there really improve for all of you.

  2. Hi Martin, I was quite surprised to read that there is no mains water in certain places.

    I suppose the lack of melt water from the snow is just another sign of climate change. Worrying!

  3. Martin good morning from sunny Thailand, shorts and t shirt for me today. Fingers crossed it won't snow here, glad to hear it has where you are. Throw a snowball for me. A lot of villagers here collect rainfall for use as drinking water, it's collected in large jar type containers.A local government employee goes around testing and treating the water against mosquitoes and other micro. Is this the case in Bulgaria because I know from my one visit there, it does get very hot in the summer.

  4. Yay snow! We had snow last night too. It took a while to convince myself it wasn't just frost though, so nothing to write home about. I *think* it was our first snow too.

  5. Mike:
    My next door nieghbour has no water mains and and bucket and rope in his well. He can't afford the water meter which he has to purchase, the cost of installation or the water bills once connected. Some days in the summer he spends hours back and forward watering his crops, but he manages.

    Hoo Don:
    We all drink the well water, no tests are made were we are as it keeps cool 20 + metres deep. Most is not all Bulgarians don't drink or gather rainwater because of the excellent quality of well water. I drink it all the time direct from the well - No problems. (Better than tap water.
    By the way most villages in our area have a natural spring water source which never runs dry.



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