Bulgaria Is Very Different And Not For Everyone

Bulgaria So Different - And Not For EveryoneI had recently changed the subtitle of my blog to read "Bulgaria isn't for everyone - As you'll find out."

I had known this for a few years, but had been in the habit of keeping quiet about it as my previous work involved promoting Bulgaria from a business point of view. It was quite difficult as first to keep pushing Bulgaria as the perfect retreat for retirees, property investment and other business investments. Never for one moment were any lies told, it was just that nothing much was said negatively to allow a 'too good to be true,' picture of Bulgaria to become distorted. On reflection, as a result of this near perfect portrayed Bulgaria, many people have come here and found that it was splattered with problems.

Homes here are built differently to those in the UK, along with the manner in which 'builders' built them. The struggle expatriates have here to get their new homes renovated or built is unbelievable. This is not just different from the UK, but worse. Guarantees on building work just aren't worth the paper they are written generally. This subject really needs another chapter to example the disastrous experiences I know some expatriates have had here, not just with with Bulgarian builders but British (expatraite) builders. Again, if someone tell you that building a renovation work is easy - they know nothing about Bulgaria or are trying to rip you off.

Bulgaria So Different - And Not For EveryoneThe main problem was the language alongside the fact that is wasn't like Britain at all. Only 2000 Kilometres from my ex-home, Britain and Bulgaria are so different in so many ways. Many expatriates just can't adapt to the Bulgarian ways and some haven't bothered and subsequently packed their bags and gone back home for that very reason. They have been surprised that it wasn’t the paradise they had been promised. In fact it was only because it was only on wave of being cheap that brought them here in the first place. Cheap living in Bulgaria is another massive topic, depending on what the word ‘cheap’ has behind it.

The language is difficult I must admit, I had known this before I moved here and made a big, big effort to get this on board. It was harder for me than most being dyslexic, this was something that I felt I must master to survive here. This was is still is the biggest hurdle for those who want to come here to live. This has been discussed before in another post that still stands firm from what I have said.

Other differences are a main contention for many expatriates coming here. The bureaucracy is horrendous; many just can't go with the flow wanting things done now. This is frustrating, not just to expatriates, but Bulgarians who have the patience of Saints, most expatriates don't.

Driving - another chapter, another major difference and another instance of driving like a Bulgarian or not getting anywhere. Stressful for many who come here? I know some expatriates who flatly refuse to drive here.

The food, so much has been written about the food here that my blog was beginning to look like a food and drink blog. Many expatriates that come here just don't like Bulgarian food purely because it's different. I needn't say anything else on the matter,

"The weather is either too hot or too cold." This was a quote from a Bulgarian who just couldn't understand why I had moved here. She has a more than valid point. It is too hot or too cold here and certainly wouldn’t suit many pensioners that might think about coming here to retire. They would have to spend most of the time indoors with the air-conditioning systems on all year! If I could sum up the weather here in one word it would be 'extreme.' Don't let anyone fool you otherwise.

Bulgaria So Different - And Not For EveryoneGardening is so, so different here. Everything I tried to grow in the first year didn’t really work because I did it the English way, I know now and found out from my mistakes. It didn't initially take much advice from Bulgarians, I thought I knew better than them. It took a couple of seasons to 'swallow my pride' and conform to Bulgarian gardening ways. I did know lots about growing crops to eat, I'd been doing it for countless years in the UK, but knew nothing about how to grow crops successfully here. I do now.

Crime, it does go on here no matter what anyone else says and it is on an increasing scale, it mainly depends on where you live, but not always. Again many expatriate homes have been robbed because they just couldn't blend their homes in the Bulgarian environment. Their homes stood out like a sore thumb with rich pickings and the rich pickings happened for that very reason. Crime is a worldwide problem and Bulgaria is not in the top league of country with crime problem, but certainly isn't excluded.

This won't be the last time that a post shows how different Bulgaria is from the UK or America for that matter. Many people will continue to make mistakes here, usually ending up having to pay dearly for their mistakes - I did, but had to persevere.

Finally, there are expatriates I know here who have taken the rough with the smooth and accept that. Bulgaria is more than just a bit rough at the edges or difficult, it is impossible sometimes, but within that are adventures with big rewards that you just can't buy. Bulgaria certainly isn't for everyone and certainly those with money would prefer a more comfortable option that exist somewhere else.