Bulgarian Land Management

Land management in Bulgaria is easy and makes your visits here so much more enjoyable if organised with the help of the friendly Bulgarian community around you. A big concern for many is the maintenance of grounds whilst away from your property. What makes it worse is that many have taken on big areas of land to maintain no really taking into account that these need maintenance as well as anything else.

These are Bulgarian gardens and the growth rate of weeds and grasses is extraordinary especially during April to August. Unless there is someone maintaining your garden on a weekly basis or even a bi daily basis in the spring, the jobs become too great to cope with. This area of garden maintenance is another topic in itself - cultured gardens have no short cuts in terms of the required attention they need.

The main story here is to advise on the management of waste ground or fields that you may have alongside you property. To many this is a hay haven and food that is needed by many a livestock holder for using or storing for winter.

Many a question is raised into how much to pay a local to cut the hay on occasions just to keep it down, well this shouldn't be in question in most cases the feed alone should pay for the effort. If the local didn't cut his hay there he would be cutting it elsewhere for nothing after all. This is what my neighbour does on my vacant field, he is paid with the feed he gets, well on occasion he gets a rakia thrown in, but he gets that anyway!

There may however be another problem - perhaps the ground is not suitable for hay or such poor quality it isn't not worth cutting for animal feed. If this is the case and you have access for a tractor then twice a year this can be ploughed over, November and February respectively.

Everyone in your neighbourhood will know someone who has a tractor, your local mayor will certainly be aware of this. Ploughing can be arranged locally beforehand or during the November and February months when tractors are out and about ploughing other lands. All lands should already have access points for tractors, if would be very unusual if there wasn't, you will also have to ensure that keys for locks on the gates are left with neighbours.

The reason November is the best time for a plough is it is just before frosts set in for winter. this then will break the soil down over the in winter giving a fine tilth in the spring when plough again in February.

On the times you are over here in Bulgaria try to get this organised with your locals, it's not difficult but don't give in to being ripped off, better to leave it than pay over the odds.

It is difficult to come over for your holidays and have an overgrown field on your doorstep, many spend the first few days getting it hacked down, the secret is to make provision for this which in affect will extend your relaxing time on holiday.