Skalitsa Village -The Facts

The village of Skalitsa is located in Southeast Bulgaria. Its nearest towns are Yambol and Elhovo both around 30 minutes drive from the village. Both these towns are thriving and continue to be rejuvenated by popularity and investment from many foreigners and Bulgarians.

Skalitza is one of the larger and more important villages in the area and is an up and coming attraction with available investment from Europe into the infrastructure and facilities there. There has been a major clean up and fresh look in the village with the school having been renovated and money other public building having been given a face lift. There is also brand new theatre/concert hall that opened in the village centre last year that attracts National and International artists and performers from around the world.

It has everything you need in the village including two garages, post office, a doctor and dentist surgery, two veterinaries, a chemist, a variety of grocery/food stores, a clothing shop and a beautiful orthodox church which celebrated its 150 anniversary this year. During the summer months, (and there are many of them) there is local produce sold from stalls in the village centre park - yes it has a big public park in the village centre as well It also has a unisex hairdressing shop many bars scattered around in and around the village as where you can get snacks.

Skalitsa also has its own bakery, window double glazing factory, metalwork factory, wood-processing factory and around the village many new vineyards have been planted from private investment. Bus and taxi services run regularly from the village centre.

It is not widely known but Skalitsa is famed for its healing stones which are geographically positioned at a point where two magnetic fields cross. There is only one other place on earth where this happens! Research has been made on the site along with media attention all which presents evidence of the stones having healing properties for arthritis, rheumatism and various other related and unrelated ailments.

There haven been two sets of film makers in the village this year, one film crew from Hollywood USA, choosing Skalitsa for its magnificent setting on a raised rock base within the Thracian Plain. Skalitza actually mean little rock. This was chosen over other Balkan countries including Croatia, Romania and Former Republic of Czechoslovakia, the Skalitsian scenery could not be compared with!

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