Yambol Orphanage Campaign

The Yambol Orphanage Campaign is up and running. We are now offering room in our offices as a collection point for donations to the Yambol Orphanage. This will make it easier and more convenient for people to donate, and some of you who live here may want to make a regular donations whilst out shopping in the town.

yo1.jpg You could buy something no matter how little i.e cotton buds, soap, toothbrushes, baby bottles, clothing, nappies, baby milk etc etc, and drop it to the central collection point. Please attach the receipt though to new items as the orphanage need to account for as much as possible.

If you are ever going to be in Yambol for some time, the orphanage encourages visitors just to interact with the children.

The Yambol orphanage has older children as well as babies. It is clean, bright and the children are well cared for, but staff are too busy to spend much time with individual children.

We will also be delighted to give you directions or take you to the orphanage to meet the children.