Healing Stones - Skalitsa - Bulgaria

Healing Stones in Skalitsa now have played their part and to me is no longer rumour... I digress. Getting old is something that we have to live with and what comes with that is aches and pains. A bit of rheumatism has been playing hell with my shoulder for the last month having to have painkilling injections to ease it up. - Now in my village of Skalitsa there is an area where stones lay on the side of a hill on the outskirts. Ever since choosing this village as a place to live one of the reasons was for the rocks that are said to have healing properties.

I had been told that a few years ago a professor from Sofia have been to the site and concluded that there are indeed some magnetic crossing point activities that are present in the rocks and in fact that there are only two places in the world where this phenomenon occurs. There has been a thesis written up on it and I am in the process of trying to find it.

So, Sunday January 14th was a very warm and sunny day and both my girlfriend who had a painful night with her shoulder decided to take a walk and try the healing stones remedy.

We spent about one hour lying on a big rock that had been warmed up by the midday sun. There didn’t seem to be anything strange happening when we lay there but amazingly all our aches and pains disappeared! Now whether this was the cause of lying on warm rocks or the healing qualities of the magnetic fields made us feel a little skeptical.

It is now a day later and still both of us are pain free even on this coldish morning. We intend to revisit next weekend weather permitting. That is assuming that our pains have returned!

Right now we are more convinced than before that these stones have healing qualities and many locals swear by visiting them is they are in pain. One thing is for sure, it is more effective than any other medication that we had taken before for the relief of pain!