Skalitsa Healing Stones - More Evidence!

It was August, schools closed and a breather for many teachers and families in the UK - There we were in Skalitsa not having seen two sets of very good friends for a number of years and would you know it they both decided to call upon me during the same week!

We managed to stagger their visits to my Skalitsa farmhouse not to coincide as we went about showing off our Bulgarian village and how wonderful life was here.

The first couple were a old school friend a Rock 'n Roll entertainer and part time school caretaker with his future wife a Head Teacher. Both were full of the stresses from work added to which aches and pains that show with ages approaching the big 50.

The journey to Skalitsa was a long one having to travel from London to the Midlands to get the flight, then travel another 4 hours from Sofia to Yambol before being picked up and transported to Skalitsa, but this was August and the only travel avenue open having not booked early.

Both in a strange place where not much sleep was had with many hours of talk and catching up on news. However some home-grown salad and home-made sliva rakia of course did help a bit!

The next morning a lack of sleep had affect as we walked the short distance to the healing stones as not only a remedy for the aching bodies but maybe as an experiment on the curative properties for hangovers.

We lay there for some 25 minutes and let the stones to their stuff and do you know, the hangover feeling was lost in a very short space of time. There wasn't just a spring in the village but a spring in our step as we walked down the hill toward the bar just 5 minutes away for a coffee.

To be quite honest these good friends of mine were stunned into silence in the strong Skalitsa sun confessing that it was like having their batteries recharged and joined oiled. We then walked to a local reservoir and had use of a paddle boat on the mirror waters after seeing the Alex and Julia the two ostriches on the bank.

These friends were still stunned with the beauty of the whole area and swear to return here for therapeutic affects they now believe the rocks possess.

The first friends were now off to the Black Sea Coast full of energy as I bring back my other friends one a College lecturer and his new wife a professional viola player. She in particular has many problems with her shoulder, well that comes as part of her vocation and is common with many viola players, myself included, until recently of course.

We took our viola playing friend to the rocks after a good night sleep and as she lay there she didn't want to leave as the warmth of the rocks just felt so comfortable with the knowledge of what had gone on before that may solve some problems. We finally left as we visited the 150 year old St. George Church in Skalitsa that was full of treasures just below where the rocks are situated.

Back in my farmhouse it was commented that she felt like she had been asleep for days and was fully refreshed no reoccurring twinges on her bowing shoulder and fully fit for the rest of the vacation here. Again comments on how beautiful the countryside was here and how lucky we were to live here.

It never fails to amaze that all that have been to the stones have come out of it at the very least full of life and more often than not free of previous aches and pains including now hangovers!

My friends have told me that they will monitor their health and report back on whether the improvements continue when they get back to the UK.

As for me, well nearly 9 months on and my shoulder still feels as good as new and with two more bursts of magnetic powers given from these Skalitsa healing stones this last week should continue with the added evidence to hand recently.

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