Yambol Fashion - A Funny Side

Bulgarian fashion is stylish to say the least. You can never fail to be impressed with the variety of chic clothing that is worn by the beautiful women so effectively fashioned out in the towns and cities here. The perfect compliment of beautiful Yambol women and fashion how lucky can yo get being a man here

Today something struck as very funny but by no means unique in how Yambol fashion is taken at just at face value here.

It was just a glimpse taken out of the office window this morning and there before me was a sight that made me laugh so much tears rolled down my cheek.

A very large middle aged mother was waddling down the down the hill towards Yambol Bus Station. She was dressed with a lovely over-sized type brown blouse which is the norm of wear for many women that adorn such a figure. Nothing strange about that I hear you say!

Just as the skirting of the blouse was flapping about in the warm Yambol breeze, I noticed some English text on the front of the blouse. It was at that point the humour hit.

It read:

Now this was quite funny in itself but any self-respecting middle-aged overweight Bulgarian mother would not choose this if she knew what the text meant and I am totally convinced that the purchase was made in complete oblivion.

Needless to say I don't think she'll get many customers!

There are many Bulgarian women here that could wear that garment and there would be queues - made up of course from only English speaking clients!