Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit


It was one day in the office, Phil hates birthdays but knew there was something on the cards when he arrived for work on this particular day but what?

'I hate Rosh Den Dens, there's too much fuss over them" we all heard him whisper under his breath as he came into the office.

We had all prepared for the occasion with party hats, birthday cake and a gift that would touch the hearts of an angel. And it did!

Presented was a little incy wincy 4 week old pure white rabbit. Only in Bulgaria would such an occasion happen without any thought about where a rabbit could be kept. Phil, now with his heart being touched and an avid a dog lover was under no illusions that the rabbit would be short lived if taken back home to his rabbit loving pets. Rabbits lovers of course very much in a "Dinner" sense!

Where could the rabbit be kept? This was not the first problem, the name had to be chosen. Bugs, flopsy, Mopsy, Dog, Rabbi and many other variations on rabbit and non rabbit names. The name Marta came about and it may have been the reaction to the name being mentioned by a twitch of the nose that laid claim or the fact that all the other names were stupid, who knows!? The name stuck and we now had not only a white rabbit but a white rabbit called Marta! Furthermore not just a white rabbit called Marta but a white rabbit called Marta with nowhere to live!

The sense of panic was now set in with this fact, more immediately where was Marta going to sleep tonight? She came in a cardboard box with some lettuce leaves and wood shavings, that's it. Something else had to be conjured up.

The Property Guide and part time boy scout Evgeni went out to find a suitable house for Marta in local pet shops, luckily there are two just across the road. It was in his absence that Marta was official assigned as the 'guard rabbit' for the office. Security certainly wouldn't be the same now with Marta about, hop two three four, hop two three four as Marta made her way around the office to familiarise herself with the territory she was to guard.

Our boy scout Evgeni returned with simple wicker basket, some bowls for feed and drink and finally a packets of rabbit food to complete the package, I heard Evgeni say that he was looking for food that had lots of good vitamins to keep the rabbit healthy. What a loving and caring man he is, even though he does like rabbit stew!

So Mr Rose is now another year older and up by one rabbit as Marta is not only a guard fore the officed, but technically free range within the confines fo the office.

Marta was found to be a girly rabbit after a few weeks so the name Marta had a girly sound to it so no change there! She even celebrated her name Day on March the 1st along with all the other Marta and Martins in Bulgaria.

rabbit_rabbit_rabbit_rabbit.jpgEveryone loves Marta and Marta loves everyone. She plays hide and seek in the morning as the first thing everyone says when they come in is 'Kede e Marta? before the 'Dobro outro!' She sometimes hides under the kitchen sink or behind the paper shredder but is always found eventually, she's a little tinker.

When clients come in to the office Marta is there and the first topic of conversation. And then there are the kids that meet her. They love here to bits, when kids pick her up it's 'Aaah and the it's Stroke City!

She has adapted so well to her environment and has taken to it like a duck to water, hang on guys don't get anymore ideas for birthdays just yet! The office just wouldn't be the same without Marta now.

Now young rabbits make a mess and Dori is our official 'Rabbit Clearer Upper' among other things. She didn't smile too much when she was first faced with Marta's mess in the morning, but then she doesn't smile that often anyway! It doesn't look like mini marbles is her favourite game.

So Marta is now part of the team and our mascot and we wouldn't want to change that.