The Quest for Real Estate Ethics In Bulgaria

Bulgarian Real Estate Online is proud to announce that the Company is one of the main campaign sponsors of "The Quest for Real Estate Ethics In Bulgaria".

The Quest for Real Estate Ethics In Bulgaria

Our main reason for supporting The Quest for Real Estate Ethics in Bulgaria campaign is that we want to promote a healthy, secure, professional environment for both investors and vendors and a level playing field where business can be conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

Having been in this industry for almost 3 years now, we have heard the stories about people who have been let down by their agents and have lost their investments (in some cases their life savings). This is completely unaccetable to us. It has always been our policy to ensure that the interests of our clients (both investors and vendors) are the paramount.

The campaign is designed to help create a climate of mutual trust and confidence, to better service the needs of the consumer. An ethical industry will generate more confidence with buyers and investors, protecting those who have already bought here and the monies of those coming to invest.

Whilst many of the businesses in the real estate market are acting in a professional manner, a few bad apples exist and flourish in a market with next to no rules. The code of ethics will clamp down on their opportunity to swindle!

The whole point of The Quest for Real Estate Ethics in Bulgaria is to raise enough awareness and public interest to change government policy and create an NGO which will have a governing board, will determine the full code of conduct, determine what the criteria are for members and associates and have a team of inspectors to enforce the rules.

The NGO / Ombudsman could NOT be established without support being shown from the public, real estate agencies and other related services, so click on the logo and cast your vote!