Next Bulgarian National Football Coach - Stoichkov or Venables?

Next Bulgarian National Football Coach - Stoichkov or Venables?There seemed to be a certain calm and non discussion on football for the last week or so in the house. I knew that it was a bit of a taboo subject, then the news came in on the television that Plamen Markov the National team's coach had been given the sack.

This is Markov's second time round as Bulgaria's manager as he was put in place to get them into the World Cup finals next year. They had managed three draws in on the trot in previous qualifying games before the last game with Serbia where Bulgaria not only lost, but were humiliated with a 6-1 thrashing. It was only a friendly match, but this score was too much of an embarrassment for the Bulgarians so they now look for another leader to carry on their campaign.

Next Bulgarian National Football Coach - Stoichkov or Venables?Next Bulgarian National Football Coach - Stoichkov or Venables?No doubt the football talk will recommence soon as the last match becomes history and a new manger full of optimism, surely they won't go for Bulgaria’s football hero Hristo Stoichkov again will they? There is rumour that Ex-Spurs player and England Coach Terry Venables is in the picture again as the Bulgarian Football Union look abroad for potential managers to see them though to the 2010 world cup finals and beyond. Interesting times as Venables was in the frame around this time last year.

Who do you think will take over?


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