Sorry 'Today' Bloggers - They Don't Like Bulgaria

Registration unavailable in your location.

A message to all you bloggers who either have blogs. I'm sorry but I can't comment on your posts.

I have tried to make comments on many of your blogs, but will not allow me to register with them to do so. All I get is the message above in red. I have written to them and they confirm that Bulgaria is not catered for.If you wish to petition them to include Bulgaria as a country that can register and comment on the growing band of site, please feel free to do so. Even if you aren't a blogger you are probably registered as you have to do this to comment on this format of blogs.

They can be contacted here->

Thank You

I have to give credit, they were on the case straight away and I can now comment on blogs. I still can't register because I live in Bulgaria, hopefully they can be put me on the map near in the future as I like the set up they have there.

Thanks to those who contacted to register their concern - You got a result, I will be on comments to many of these blogs tomorrow.