Snow? - What's the Problem?

Snow? - What's the Problem?It is quite amazing how one country can come to a complete standstill and another just carries on as normal when there is a bit of snow. There has been major amounts of snowfall in Bulgaria this winter and all the roads are still being used whether cleared of snow or not.

The system here in and around Yambol is to use snowploughs on the main trunk roads, tractors with snow shifting devices fixing on the front of the machines in the villages and just sprinkle a load of grit and sand on all roads to give a little grip. There is no salt put on roads here, and to be quite honest there is no need as the systems in place here work very well.

It is a quick recall to the UK where the slightest touch of snow sends shock waves through the country, which grinds to a halt. I know they have a lot this year, the feeback I get is that it has been the the worst there for 18 years! Don't ask me why, perhaps they are trying to be too clever in dealing with it. Working with the weather rather than against it is probably a better solution, that's how most deal with it here. The snow will go eventually why try and clear it all?

In my street in Yambol town last year it was covered with snow for at least three weeks. People in cars and on foot used it daily in this condition, albeit slightly more cautious than normal, of course it does cause problems, but no complaining just taking it more slowly than normal, which is slow to start with anyway. The sand and grit mixture, and that was all it was, that was put on the surface of the ice and snow really does a very good job. No salt on the roads is another reason Lada cars last so long, no rust!