Never A Slave To Fashion in Bulgaria

A good tip I learnt since coming to Bulgaria and that is not to become a slave to fashion, especially in the home. As an expatriate there are habits that take a long time to get rid of. Wearing shoes in the house, saying please and thank you to everything, eating as fast as you can and stopping only when your plate is empty, using a knife to name a few. Most if not all habits I feel are better here than the old habits I used to have, but the main difference is the habit of being a slave to fashion in the home.

Things look nice, but they are nicer if they are trendy, up to date and fashionable. This is what I was forced to believe in the UK. Here, there are things that are used in the home that are twenty thirty or even fifty years old and work just as well as they did when first bought. If things do have to be replaced, they are replaced with the cheapest they can find, even if it means shopping for weeks to find it.

A classic example is a table cloth that was replaced. The old one was at least 30 years old and the cheapest around at that time. It was a plastic table cloth with some flowers decoration on it that had faded over the years. The problem that arose was that there were a few holes not in the tablecloth and Galia had seen some very cheap plastic material so bought form the second hand market with the table clothing in mind.

The point was that this tablecloth was in mind for being replaced but it had taken around two months for a bargain piece of plastic to be found. No new table cloth, a sheet of plastic that would be turned into a tablecloth with a bit of sizing and cutting. This is a habit that stands out in Bulgaria, their one minded resourcefulness to get something replace at the cheapest possible price, yet still let it do the job very well.

We now have a new table cloth, but that's not the end of it. What happened to the old tablecloth? Simple it was cut up, the holey bits were thrown away and smaller table clothes were made for other tables that plants were placed on. These will now last at least another 30 years, possibly forever.

It hasn't taken me long to catch up on to this habit of finding the cheapest and recycling the old, it was always in my blood, which has a green streak in it anyway.