Jogging From Scratch in Bulgaria

Over the last few years I have been so lazy as my lifestyle now just involves sitting down and writing. It wasn't a New Year resolution to start up jogging again, I haven't done that since I gave up smoking over 15 years ago.

I started joggin again because I was looking more and more like a Bulgarian weightlifter every day. I didn't feel right in myself, lacked energy and really worried that my heart was being packed with superb Bulgarian food, but it wasn't being worked off of exercised. As a barometer to the size of my stomach, I have always used the rule that if I can't see my private parts I'm too fat. It had now got to the stage where I had to lean over slightly or get aroused to achieve that. I was too fat! I really have to do something about my Blogaria, actually what a good name for a blog about Bulgaria!

So it was a couple of weeks into January and my intention were clear, lose some weight and get fit, the last thing we need is a hospital bill for a heart treatment and medication. Jogging doesn't cost anything and is an investment in health, unless I get run over by idiot drivers, which has happened a few times.

Having run marathons, been a member of an athletic club, competed in cycling cyclo-cross, and cross country races as well as time trials over 10 and 25 miles as well as mountain biking and endurance events, this was well into my past. This is a danger as a fit person who suddenly give up all exercise is more at risk of having heart attacks than someone who isn't. Starting up again would have to be done very steadily, I knew how to train from the past, warming up and stretching before and after is just as important as the jog. The most frustrating thing is being injured and not being able to perform.

So the first two weeks I just restricted myself to brisk walking starting with a 20 minutes session right up to an hour after two weeks. Eventually faster walking up hills and recovery going downhill. I was ready to start jogging at that point.

My first venture out, it was minus 12 degrees so it was on the the cycling tights before the jogging bottoms, two tea shirts and a sweatshirt, a bobble woollen hat, three pairs of thing sock under my running shoes. After at least ten minutes of stretching I was on the street, but not jogging. Initially it was fast walking then on a flat bit of road a little jog for about 400 metres then a walk again to get my breath back. This was done repeatedly for about 20 minutes on a circular route that brought me back home. Stretching was done again before a quick wash down an a cup of herbal tea or tisane.

For the next four weeks this was a daily routine increasing the jogging distances each time, but always restrained from over exertion. It was now getting to the stage that involved non-stop jogging and over 40 minutes each time.

Right now it is at the stage where I can manage to turn my jog into a running and back to jogging to recover. It is now two day jogging and one day off as rest is needed with the amount of energy used now.

I feel much better in myself, have far more energy and when spring comes I will be fit enough to do some intensive digging on the farm. I can clearly see my privates now and that is a relief. I never weigh myself , but I know that there have been quite a few kilograms left out on the road.

Anyone who blogs a lot, should really consider getting out and doing some exercise, it's not good for your health otherwise, you'll have more energy and think better as well. Besides, when was the last time you got out of breath - Perhaps, some of you shouldn't answer that! No matter where you are it can be done, even if you are a moving target for crazy Bulgarian drivers in Yambol.