A Miracle Cure - The Healing Stones of Skalitsa

Last month I was in great pain due to twisting my back. I was in bed for over a week not being able to walk. It was a long haul from first doing it to recovering and the remedies that were used to cure it were diverse to say the least. All the tried practices failed except one.

From the initial aspirins and other painkilling tablets, this went on to massage, then two courses of painkilling injection. It didn't stop there as the Rakia treatment was tried, both internally and externally. This still didn't work, I was still in gross agony so the burning lead ritual was performed to rid me of evil spirits and finally to hospital for x-rays, which didn't show anything wrong - but I was still unable to sit down and trouble standing and walking.

A Miracle Cure - The Healing Stones of SkalitsaSo how did I get from this state into now jogging? It was something that I should have done straight away, something that had been tried and tested not only by me but others with resounding success. It is the healing stones in Skalitsa that finally cured me!

There have been many occasions where illnesses had just suddenly disappeared by just laying on the stones, which are situated just a ten-minute walk from my farmhouse in the village. This is the place where two magnetic field cross each other with only one other place in the world where this phenomenon happens somewhere in Mexico. A top professor from Sofia had made conclusive tests that scientifically verified that there is a phenomenon there and healing does take place. Two previous articles have been written on this Healing Stones in Bulgaria and Skalitsa Healing Stones More Evidence. - Please feel free to get more of the background here.

This particular healing experience was the greatest yet of my own personal evidence that these healing stones really do work. I had just managed to drive to the village in great pain this particular weekend and the next day gingerly walked to the stones. It was a sunny day so the winter sun had already warmed up the healing stones. I chose a flat-topped stone and lay there for around 40 minutes. As before, I didn't notice anything happening whilst I was lying there, or when I painfully tried to stand up and walk again. But what happened next was yet another amazing experience!

As I walked back to the farmhouse, my walking became much more fluent and the pain gradually subsided. By the time I was home, this had improved even more. I had a good night's sleep for the firs time since the problem started. The next day, I just felt a bit stiff, no pain as I drove home without any pain at all. I was not on any medication other than an aspirin in the morning.

Back in Yambol Sunday evening it was as if a magic wand had been waved over me as seemingly I had been cured. The following morning I was sitting down at work without any problem at all and no need for any medication at all. A few days later I was jogging and haven't stopped since.

A Miracle Cure - The Healing Stones of SkalitsaI am totally convinced that the healing stones were responsible for this. It is not a one off, they have healed and others on countless occasions. Everyone knows about them locally, but hardly outsiders other than those I have told. I was such a sceptic when I first heard about these stones, but now I am a firm believer that they have healing qualities that have now cured illnesses before and now cured my back, something that professional doctors and a hospital couldn't.

Galia and I now carry a little healing stone each in our respective handbags and slightly bigger ones lay in the farmhouse and in our Yambol home. It should keep illnesses away all the time judging from past experiences.