Yambol In Shock After Coach Tradegy At Bakardzhik

Yambol In Shock After Coach Tradegy At BakardzhikI was going to write about something completely different, but this morning there was something that just hit home how vunerable we all are in this world.

Today in Bulgaria it is Ascension Day or Spasovden as it is called here. It is a religious public holiday and we had plans to go all go to the cemetery and pay our respects to family member on this day.

Our house is right next to Yambol’s hospital and this morning there were lots of cars parked on the road and pavement quite early on. We also heard lots of sirens from ambulances coming and going and at that point we put two and two together knowing that there must have been and accident. We went out o n the street and found out from neighbours and relatives that were visiting the hospital that at the location of ‘Bakardzhik’ a big hill a few kilometres away.

There had been a coach whose brakes had failed and crashed into a crowd of walker who were making their way to the peak on this special religious holiday. To date there are 16 dead and 20 plus injured and we are all in shock here. (The picture taken leading to the summit taken in January this year.)

We sometimes walked up to the Bakardzhik peak ourselves and feel for those who were spiritually at their own peak on this glorious warm and sunny day. It is too early to know the final outcome of the tragedy. It is not just for the dead and injured that will suffer, but the whole of Yambol, a close-knit community who also have to deal with this happening.

Quite often and at times like this I wonder what God is playing at!
We have just found out that one of our friend's mother was one of the victims no longer with us. There is nothing you can do or say, but just be there for them.
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