Bulgarian Storm Is No Deterrent For Bonfires

Bulgarian Storm Is No Deterrent For BonfiresBack on the smallholding in Skalitsa I was looking forward to some outdoor work this weekend mainly weeding and general pottering around in my element as I tend to do. However, I found that Galia had a particular fascination on the farm that kept here boiling over with enthusiasm throughout the weekend.

We arrived early Friday and no time for even a cup of tea as I changed into my Bulgarian blue village clothing and got to work on those weeds. Within the space of three hour the whole area was basically weed free as the clouds gathered.

It hadn't rained here all week and the ground was like dust as I worked through the weeds leaving a dust cloud as I hit out of those unwanted green bits whose roots cling for dear live into the nutritious soil. Talking of clouds, above, they were now gathering in and looking menacing with thunder and lightning in the distance, but here doesn't mean it will rain. I've lost count of the number of times I have presumed it will rain and held off watering the crops only to find that it didn't rain. With this in mind it was full steam ahead with the water from the well giving the whole area a big soak. It was so much of a soak in fact that I had used all the reserves of water from the well and had to wait a couple of hours for it to fill up again. Of course wouldn't you know it, the heavens open up and a violent storm ensued with torrential rain on a well-water soaked ground whilst the waiting pursued!

Bulgarian Storm Is No Deterrent For BonfiresAnd what was Galia doing leading up to this? Well she has a secret passion for bonfires. Last weekend I had the scythe out and cut down the long grasses on the chicken run and verges. Having no rain all week mean that the grasses had dried and was perfect for burning. I don't like burning hay but I have no livestock right now and the quality of hay isn't good enough to store anyway, which is what I'd normally do. Besides the stables are still half full of last year's hay. The grasses were bundled and stacked and the bonfire was lit and under way. Galia took the bull by the horns and became a self nominated and unanimous leader of the bonfire pack as she spent the next two days governing it and keeping it going even through thunderstorms and monsoon fashioned rain! She was on a high all weekend playing and twiddling with the bonfire looking for more stuff to burn and try and overcome the rain that kept damping it down. In fact all the plastic had now disappeared up in black smoke that had been stocked up in the stables to take to Yambol and put into the town bins. Bulgarian think nothing of burning anything that burns, besides no one is going to tell us off for bonfires in Bulgaria - Such a great joy here to be able to do so when and where we want!

There wasn't anything at all we could do on the land apart from those first few hours on the Friday as it rained continuously for two days thereon. This gave us a chance to relax for a change, apart from bonfire monitoring of course.

Bulgarian Storm Is No Deterrent For BonfiresIt is back to Yambol later today (Sunday evening) and more partying on as it is a public holiday until Thursday. Also there isn't much we can do on the City farm assuming that Yambol has had the same amount of rain.

By the way potatoes, sweetcorn, water and honey melons respectively have not truely sprouted and we are taking back with us lot os onions and garlic which Baba loves so much. The pumpkins not quite up yet, but they were only sown last weekend. The first crop of strawberries will be ready to eat in a couple of weeks along with the cherries on the tree that are intended for more rakia making. The grapes have ther first vine leave out now only a short while and we'll pick a few to use for sarmi (mince wrapped in vine leaves.) Wild spinach (Bulgarians call it laput) was also gathered from the grounds to take back to Yambol, Baba will make a meal that will last us three days with this. Free food we love it and to be quite honest couldn't manage without it!

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