A Yambol Hole

As we looked ahead to where we were walking as we made our way back home after a well-earned beer after work, danger beckoned. Galia and I stopped dead in out tracks with the site before us; even this Bulgarian woman who was basically un-shockable with the goings on in Yambol was quite amazed at what we saw.

In front of us was a gapping hole, over one metre in diameter and going down at least a metre and a half right in the middle of the pavement. Now we are used to broken paving stones, cobblestones that rise and fall and small holes in the road that are common place in Yambol, but this was different, this was a dramatic hole that had bad karma written all over it.

All we could imagine was some poor Bulgarian walking along in the pitch black of night, and it is pitch black at night in Yambol. Added to which, there were no street lamps in this particular area. So the Bulgarian would find them arse over tit down this mineshaft of a hole, which was basically was twice the size of a manhole without a cover. There was not the usual warning of a branch stuck in the hole, just a great big pit like a undisguised booby trap for unwary Bulgarians to fall in.

We paused as we stared at this sight, walked around it and just sighed. That was some hole we agreed, but like everyone else who would see it, never complains about it and it stays there for the next victim.

Galia did some thinking and she supposed that everyone in the area must know about it and it is only strangers in the area that are in danger. Therefore it's probably safe enough for the locals but protects them from strangers. Why would stranger come down to this part of town anyway, she argued? They are probably be up to no good anyway, so what comes around comes around.

The thought just came over us whether someone checks every morning to see what he or she have caught strangers in the trap from the night before. We both laughed ourselves silly with the thought of that as we walked off leaving the hole behind. It will be there tomorrow and the next day for sure.