Handbags for Bulgarian Men

It is noticeable that the men in Bulgaria have a certain fashion tend at the moment. It is summer and most just wear T-shirts (usually with American motifs, phrases and occasionally swear words written on) a pair of short and sandals.

It doesn't matter where they are on holiday, working, shopping, eating in a restaurant, that's the normal attire come what may. The type of T-shirt and short depends on where they are for example; at home they will change their clothing into an older T-shirt, short and flip-flops. In a restaurant they will wear their best T-shirt short and leather sandals. This is the Bulgarian way in warm weather.

But this is not the main reason that brought my attention to their trends of fashion it was the accessories they carry around.

Now Bulgarian women love their handbags, the men love their handbags as well although it's not called a handbag. It is called a shoulder bag which technically is a handbag with a shoulder strap attached. Incidentally these were first used during the second world.

You will be pushed to find any Bulgarian man with a T-shirt, shorts and sandals not donning a shoulder bag. The reasons are quite plain from the Bulgarian practicability point.

The pockets on shorts are really quite useless for anything other than perhaps a tissue. If you sit down with anything in your shorts pockets you will stand up and walk off leaving the contents behind. I personally have lost lots of money doing this, especially getting in an out of car and sitting on sofas.

The Bulgarian man does not want to lose money that's for sure, not only that most Bulgarian men carry their Licha Carte (identity document) with them at all time. They can't afford to lose that. The other item that is always carried is the mobile phone or in many cases mobile phones, many Bulgarian own more than one due to the inconsistency of signals from different hosts. Where can they put them?

The shoulder bag is the complete answer to all these problem of carrying baggage. I have concede that I spent two years without one and lost many items in that time. The reason for this was quite simply that I thought it was a bit 'poofy' going around with a handbag on my shoulder. But practicalities overcame me and over the last year I too have purchased a shoulder bag, and carry all my personal baggage just like other Bulgarian men. I also now have a fine collection of T-shirts and shorts for every occasion and in town it fits in well with another clone of fashion walking about.