Sole Destroying Yambol

Bulgarian sandals are very cheap, look fantastic but not designed for walking on the Yambol footways. They don't last long with the state of the pavements as I found out walking around Yambol town last night.

It all started with a little parting of the sole towards the heel, the as each 100 metres was completed the parting got larger and turned into a flap. This of course added extra weight on each step up to aid the tear further and finally the whole sole parted company with the upper leaving me 2 kilometres away from home and all the shoe shops shut.

Walking home in a sandal minus the sole was difficult on the Yambol cobblestones and the jagged paving stones that just catch you suddenly in areas of complete darkness this Yambol night. I should have got a taxi home but this is Bulgaria and the cost of 2 leva is totally unnecessary in Bulgarian women's minds as they helped me walk back.

We got there and the sandal material which equated to a sock, held out, just. But at only a few leva a new pair of sandals would probably be about the same cost of the taxi home if we had got it. Oh no, I've just thought, it's another trip to the shops tomorrow. The last time we went to look for a pair of sandals, we visited 10 shops before finding the right pair, that's why they were such a good deal first time round. I just hope we go to the tenth shop first this time and that they have the same stock as last time.