Outside Toilets Preferred

It is with some mystery as to why people chose outside toilets in preference to the indoor purpose built system that we now have in civilised parts of the world. The reason this is even being mentioned is the countless time I see Bulgarians use nature as the choice for relieving themselves.

The first time this was noticed was in my own Skalitsa farmhouse, where there is a renovated extension as the bathroom with all the modern facilities within. Guests, Bulgarian guests that is, refuse absolutely to use my toilet, they either use my outside toilet in the field or in some cases go round the back of the house to the stable and relief themselves by a wall or rain drainage point. This I can understand to a degree as many guests in the village aren't used to using inside toilets and a few never even seen one!

Skalitsa village toilet habits are one thing but in the town of Yambol, you would think that inside toilets would be a common choice for townies. That's what I thought at first, then it became quite clear that this didn't hold up well from the evidence that was seen around.

The first instance was Bulgarian women not using the restaurant toilets, but wait until we walk home then use the side of an apartment block wall with me as the lookout. Home with the inside toilet is only a couple of metres away but they choose the street. This is not a one off instance but done on a regular basis.

Walking in the park, they choose the bushes, even when we had a name day party in the park the inside toilets weren't used but the bushes by the women and the Tundzha River by the men.

Even by the bus garage where there are public toilets, you will find that most will walk straight by these and use the wall around the back. There is a good reason for that though, there is a fee to use the inside toilets!

Driving anywhere with guests, they choose to stop and relieve themselves by the side of the road rather than wait until we get to our destination or home, even if the journeys are very short.

In the house we have a lovely inside toilet and often sit outside in the front yard/garden. I have lost count how many times our Bulgarian household use the drain by the wall or the bucket that sits under the outside tap as a toilet. Not only do the house members use this but other guests and neighbours do exactly the same thing. There is no stigma attached by doing this, no scruples or embarrassment.

To the Bulgarians going to the toilet is very much an activity that has to be done and they will not bat an eyelid seeing someone relieving themselves in public, you see it all the time here, Bulgarian men reliving themselves by the side of a car they have parked with a stream of traffic driving past. The Bulgarian women are a bit more discreet but then I suppose they have to be.

It seems this fashion is built into Bulgarian culture, perhaps to save on water. Behind that reason, it does make sense not to waste gallons of water when not necessary. From that point I find myself occasionally doing the same thing away from inside toilet locations. Holding on painfully just doesn't seem worth it if there are trees or a quiet spot around. What harm is it doing anyway? There is more harm flushing a toilet, that's for sure; Bulgarians are so practical.