Red for Go in Bulgaria

As we approached the first set of traffic lights they turned red. Slowing down Ivan said, “Go! Go!” The lights were firmly red as he continued to tell me to drive through them, as there was no traffic and no police around. So off I go turning right after jumping a red light feeling quite guilty about it.

Ivan explained after that everyeone did this, if the way was clear and no police were about what is the problem, what harm it is doing. He went on to say that the police would not even bother picking on red light runners as long as it was safe, the police do it as well.

It is one thing to jump lights in town but the silly thought came over as to why they don’t have traffic lights in the villages? Just a moment of stupidity with that thought for one fleeting moment I could see all the villagers jumping red lights as they are a law unto themselves. Then within a few seconds I realised how stupid that thought was; there is no traffic in villages!

Ivan was quite proud of me calling me a true Bulgarian driver having taken his advice. He said it saves time, fuel and other cars behind me that followed would think I am Bulgarian not English. Well, that little consolation fro me really as Galia just sat there with a grin on her face, but it didn’t give away whether she thought it was right or wrong. But then she has told me to drive the wrong way up one-way streets before now!