New Bulgarian Cowboys

It was Byal Kladenets (White Well) right next to the massive reservoir that runs through to the power station giving the whole region electricity that I found myself heading towards early last Saturday morning.

My brother had a scooter and from Skalitsa to Byal Kladenets which was about 12 km there was a mainly ploughed up dirt track lining the sunflower and sweetcorn fields filled full of failed crops this year. This actually cuts another 10 km of the journey is running on a main tarmac road.

Why were we going there?

Well we had to pick up two horses and transport them back to Skalitsa as I was to look after them for a few weeks before hopefully they are sold or looked after for the 4 months my brother is away.

As we made out way two up on a small scooter there was an apprehension about the journey there and even more about the journey back. My brother has a fear of horses and I only really have experience with a donkey and cart not these massive muscled animals.

We had heavy rain a few days before and as we left the road onto the track the slipping and sliding started, in many parts we had to get off and walk our way through parts. This was a real problem for us as only after a short while we wished we'd done it another day when the track had dried out but we were now committed and had to carry on.

A sigh of relief was breathed as we finally got to the village and paused a while before going to get the two horse that were grazing on the side of the hill. Genna and Sparky (the horses) were being looked after by a Bulgarian neighbour who was called to help being them in to be kitted out on the cart that was waiting.

This was the next problem, Genna somehow jolted away from the Bulgarian that was helping and ran free and away from where we wanted her. The next two hours were spend trying to catch here as she played games. Chasing her was obviously not going to work as the minds where working overtime as our bodies rested.

A lasso was the only answer as one was made up from the tethering rope. The plan was to get Sparky out on the fields again as Genna usually grazes next to him. Then if we get within a couple of metres of here we lasso her and job done.

So, we did exactly that, with the Bulgarian neighbours thinking that we were crazy as he just sat on his own cart and watched from a distance, we worked to plan. Every aspect of the plan worked as Sparky was made the bait. It was only a matter of a few moments and a well judged throw of the lasso as Genna approach and the job was as good as done. the Bulgarian neighbour watched with disbelief as the new cowboy maestros strode proudly past him with the two horses.

We kitted the horses up, Genna to pull the cart and Sparky to follow tied up behind then we were off on the track that had almost completely dried up with the now hot sun blazing.

It was a very tired horse that ended up in Skalitsa with another journey back that was far from relaxing on the dulating terrain but we were all tired but home and dry.