An Ill Wind That Blows In Bulgaria

Smoking is a habit most Bulgarians have and being a non smoker I put up with it as part of the culture here in Bulgaria. Being an ex smoker it is often the case that you never really loose the want to smoke - this is the case here.

Since moving here, a total of three cigarettes have been smoked all instances fo this have been after quite a few rakia. Each occasion was regretted the following morning with the stagnant breath hanging around being fueled by the smoked lungs. It just takes one cigarette to cause this morning after affect.

It has only been on very rare occasions that the evenings are spent with non smokers, usually foreign visitor strangely enough who come from non smoking policy based lands abroad.

The real reason for mentioning about smoking in this blog is the certain fact that wherever you sit the wind blows smoke into your face. Every single occasion without fail, in the garden, in the home, in restaurants, waiting in queues, even lying on the beach it is a certainty that the wind direction has it in for non smokers!

What is also guaranteed is that many other non smokers have the same problem and can relate very clearly to this - just ask one and see - Bet you 10 stotinki they agree!