Keeping Fit in Bulgaria

It has been said that moving to Bulgaria and having loads of free time due to retirement can lead to becoming an alcoholic.  Many expatriates could quite easily fall into that trap with the cheap alcohol widely available here and lots of free time.

So, what can you do day to day to keep yourself occupied being without funds from my small teachers' pension to splash out on regular travelling and holidaying. This is a problem I foresaw prior to settling down here and made provisions for this which are now being practiced. I do not have a farm to manage this time round so spare time is plentiful.

Also, how do I to ensure I will still alive to get my UK State Pension in 7 years? (You say that I look after my health out of spite not allowing the UK to reward me with the National Insurance I  have paid into my pension working for over 33 years there.)

My answer involves Jogging, cycling, walking, and to keep mentally healthy fishing and practice the piano, (after laying this dormant of over 20 years.) In addition to this writing, which will increase as the days get shorter. In the winter months which are fast approaching, there is a local Gym where I will work out if the weather prevents outdoor pursuits. I have already done the research on this on times and costs the latter nominal.

So all is now in place. The problem is keeping fit is like a drug; if I miss a day or two I get quite agitated with my mind filled full of regret by not plunging into it. Nice to have a routine to follow and set goals on each activity seeing progress. My heartrate has now fallen to less than 50 beats per minute resting which gives peace of mind on my health as a result.