Preparing for Winter With Flame Grilled Peppers

Just like old times in my Farmhouse in Skalitsa, where surplus supplies at harvest time are prepared for the coming Winter. Today was one of the many reasons I am here in Bulgaria.

We only decided to do this yesterday naturally the excitement of the process was something I found hard to contain. Having seen many locals doing the same thing out on the streets of Yambol, in their garages, on the balconies and gardens, the aroma of cooking pepper fills the local air for weeks on end. It was out turn to create an ambience of smells from grilling peppers that makes your mouth water and your taste buds yearn for the results.

I used a Greek styled BBQ system that I imported nearly 12 years ago. The grate was formerly a drain cover and the metal plate (which would be the hot plate) was from an old camping table. the wood was gathered from land near to where I was fishing a few days ago and of course free. Finally the peppers unfortunately were not produced by me as in previous years. We arrive here to late to start up produce in the growing season, plans for next year will be different.

So all prepared to start with a big white sack containing 22 Kilograms of locally grown raw peppers. Once the peppers were cooked they were placed in a big metal saucepan with a lid where they continue to cook with boiling juices inside each pepper. I remember describing the process many years ago as the all dancing and singing peppers as that's what they do when being flame grilled.

The peppers are then de-skinned and placed in plastic bags and frozen once cooled all ready for Winter. we decided against putting them into sealed glass jam jars this year. Again maybe next year this form of preserving maybe opted for.

Three hours later the process had been completed. not all the peppers were de-skinned, that will be finished tomorrow. A shower and a change of clothing and we were all set for the evening of salad rakia and a meal of prepared peppers with egg and sirene Galia kindly offer to make. Can't wait!