Looking To The Future in Bulgaria

Today, we went to Hyde Park. Galia now has her free travel pass from TFL, she has been without it for the past 5 months due to my change of work. We traveled by tube and went to a Bulgarian Orthodox church based at the back of the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington. We had been there a few times before, in fact whenever we get the time and free travel! After a few candles lit and some Bulgarian chanting we took to the park and walked for miles on a nice sunny day popping into a couple of park based art exhibitions en route. It was lovely just to get out of our studio in Edgware for a change!

Not a day goes by when the thought of living in Bulgaria for the rest of my life comes into my head. Making that happen is just a case of hard work and patience in terms of waiting for my pension. This now is at 66 years of age, another eight and half years of graft. This will happen although the only worry is can I mentally cope with being in the UK throughout this time? Trying to do things to cope with this may help, I digress.

Image result for chinatown londonAfter walking for an indefinite amount of time, we were hungry and going against all out normal ritual of not spending money we didn't have it was decided to go to China Town and eat in a buffet eating house. We did exactly that! After only one plate of Chinese food and a cup of Chinese tea to wash it down we left, not too full and wobble out, unlike most who dine there with second or third helpings! We walked around the area dodging tourists and made our way back to Leicester Square tube station all the way back to Edgware and the studio.

Did this day off and getting out of the studio help ease the frustration of having to work in the UK over the next 8-9 years? No, not really as all we talked all day was about the plans we have to try and get over to Bulgaria sooner! That is another story!