Wild Bulgarian Spinach or Laput

It was another weekend in Skalitsa as we decided to go fishing in a neighbouring village for a few hours. We didn't last too long there as there was a cold wind coming off the reservoir. Even though we dressed for it were all too cold for comfort at this point. Besides that there wasn't any fish biting so we decided to pack up and made our way back to Skalitsa to load up and light the wood burner with a rakia or two to warm us all up again.

Wild Bulgarian Spinach or LaputAs we journey a couple of kilometres along the rough dirt track back to the main road there was a sudden cry of 'Stigger, ima laput!' Which means, stop, there is spinach.

Wild Bulgarian Spinach or LaputI braked hard with the command and we looked outside on by the track and saw quite clearly a couple of untouched bushes of laput ready for harvesting. It is a form of wild spinach, which we often pick throughout most of the year. It grows all over Bulgaria and is a favourite to many Bulgarian dinner tables. It was strange to see this untouched and un-harvested here in an area where many people dump their rubbish. We couldn't believe out luck as were started gathering the young broadleaves with the thought of enhanced food when we get back home.

After about ten minutes we have picked enough for a family meal as we stuffed them into a plastic bag that was originally reserved for the fish we didn't catch.

Wild Bulgarian Spinach or LaputThe laput once back home in the farmhouse was washed and the stems removed by Galia in preparation for the cooking. I wasn’t too sure what the recipe was, but it had home-grown goat from last year and rice in the dish, along with the addition of the laput. All put together to make a beautiful stew. This was perfect food for the evening that had now turned even colder outside. It seems every weekend in the village is a story about local food from the productive lands. Well there is so much to tell I find that I can't help but blog about it.

The lack of fish, the cold weather this particular weekend reminded us all that winter isn't far away. Winter here in Bulgaria is a time for families gathering around the wood burner, eating drinking produce that has been made during warmer times and of course the talking never ends.

And so, the laput dish or wild spinach based goat dish was eaten that very evening. You know what I am going to say now so I will leave you there!