Skalitsa UFO Sightings

There are sometimes very strange happenings in Skalitsa during the night. Many a time we hear commotions of sound that can't be explained. Even when going outside to see where the noises come from there is nothing there to give reason for it. Also, there are the moving lights in the distance can be seen quite often. These varying coloured lights, from pale orange to red, two or more of these lights seem to rise and fall in synchronised fashion on the horizon sometimes moving sharply and other time just hovering.

These unexplained things happen is in areas where no one lives, it is out in the wild country where only nature and wildlife live. What are these goings on that we often witness? The thing is that because there is a scarce population here, most in bed asleep as they have to rise early for the farm chores, there are not many witnesses that admit to these. Furthermore, they would be deemed as mad if they were to report. So the strange phenomenon goes on without investigation.

This article was found recently which was officially reported and now lays in the archives of the unexplained. Was it to do with the healing stones there or is it linked to the sights and sounds we hear often?

Location. Skalitsa, Bulgaria

Date: May 19 1990

Time: night

Three women, aged 45 were walking along a street when they caught sight of three dark silhouettes standing about four meters in front of them. The creatures, which appeared to be made out of a thick black substance, walked quickly away from the women and disappeared into the moonless darkness. After a while a pulsating spherical object, spinning counter clockwise, popped up in front of the villagers who quickly ran away from the area without looking back.