Shoppe Style Cheese

Shoppe Style Cheese has its roots in Sofia. This delightful vegetarian snack was held back from being sampled until I had met Galia my Bulgarian partner. She took me to a Bulgarian restaurant in Yambol to try this dish out then asked me to compare with her own cooking. Both were excellent but Galia had the edge not least as it was made in the village of Skalitsa using all homegrown ingredients off my own farm.

The recipe is easy and makes a great main meal.

Shoppe style cheese Recipe


500g sheep's cheese (serine)
40g butter
1-2 tomatoes
1-2 peppers
black pepper
5 eggs


Cut the cheese into five equal slices and place into butter-lined earth ware bowls.

Top with tomato slices, pepper rings and some butter,

Bake in a hot oven some 5-6 min. Break an egg a top of each bowl and add the remaining butter with pepper and paprika.

Bake until a crust is formed.

Serve hot,

Garnish with slices of tomato, parsley and a chilli.