Work History in the UK since 2010

Well since I have been in the UK I have had a variety of work over the last 6 years. Let me recall....

Ah yes. The first job was as a postal sorter in Hatfield. This was a temporary post to cover for Christmas. Within two weeks they asked me if I wanted a  permanent job in the sorting office with prospects beyond. I didn't take this up and moved into a permanent job as a warehouseman in Asda working nights. This lasted for around six months where I started by shelf filling. After a month they put me in charge of movements of stock in the warehouse and responsible for going onto the shelves for fillers. They paid for me to be trained up as a forklift driver and made it clear they were looking to put me in line from promotion to supervisor in due course. I was looked on by other workers as a spy in the midst as my attitude to work was positive and constructive and this didn't fit the bill to many who worked there. I left as I was headhunted by Tesco who I worked for before as a warehouseman before I left for Bulgaria in 2005.

Into Tesco team again which lasted another six months or so working nights as a 'picker' again. They were looking at my potential as a supervisor as they planned to make me up from my time there before, but I didn't get to stay long enough for this to happen now or back then, I was off again.

I had applied to become a bus driver for various bus companies and I was accepted to work on them all. Arriva, Arriva Shires, and London Sovereign. I decided to go for London Sovereign based in Edgware. Having passed all the tests put in front of me I was now a Bus Driver and quite enjoying it. Withing 18 months I was pushed into applying for a Driving Instructor and was accepted having passed all the tests, interviews and trial instructing. With my teaching background, perfect attendance and proven driving skills and interpersonal relationships I flew through and was appointed Relief Driving Instructor and the training began from January 2014. 

Whilst Instructing I also completed an NVQ level 3 in Driving Instruction as well has being given opportunity to teach CPC and BTEC in the classroom. In addition I was out assessing drivers and giving preliminary assessment for prospective drivers coning int he company. I was loving my work now, but my mind was on Bulgaria throughout. This was the passport to leaving the UK and I was very lucky to have a job I loved whilst I was here in the UK against my will.

London Sovereign did not offer me a permanent post as a Driving Instructor so I looked elsewhere. Tangerine was a company who taught me to be an Instructor and also supported me in the NVQ I qualified for. I applied for a Trainer/Assessor with the company, I job I would have loved to do, but there was not free travel with TFL and that was worth a hell of lot, not least freedom for me and Galia at the weekends. We did not have a car and relied on free travel, a perk that TFL gave us being employed by the bus company. I still wonder now whether this was a bad move refusing the post, time will tell.

So, it was only another couple of weeks and I got a job with Metroline as a permanent Driving Trainer and not have been there from nearly 4 months. The money is good, the job is something I still find very easy to get up in the morning and go to. Also there are prospects ahead which is why I took the post. This how is where it is at.

Well, that's progress for you in the bus industry for you after such a short time there. Like I say, I love my work and count myself very lucky doing this and using it as a vehicle to Bulgaria!

That's the work history for you since I have returned to the UK,