No Time To Relax Right Now In Bulgaria

Just a quick to say that I am off sick with a stitched up finger and busy trying to get well enough to start earning again. With the snow around again not much I can do on the land even if I was fit enough, so quite lucky to be incapacitated during unworkable weather.

All the family are fine and the celebrations are non stop here at the moment in March what with Martinitsa, Baba Marta Den and my Name Day (1st), Bulgarian Independence Day (3rd), Ladies Day yesterday (8th) A Birthday today (9th) all require parties and small tokens of gifts of course.

Day to day has been pretty routine over the last month of so. Work during the day and write during the evening and weekends. Just one visit to the village of Skalitsa over the last month and managed to get a barbecue in with family there as it was so warm that particular weekend. We only really went to check up on the farmhouse and pay our neighbour money for the electric and water.

One thing is bothering me right now and that is the language, I want to know more as my conversations at work are limited not only from the point of socialising but being more effective at work. A whole new load of vocabulary has been learned at work, but it's not enough for me, or others I suspect. To insure my stay in Bulgaria the language must be focused upon more and my blogging taking another step backwards what with work on the land, other books I am working on and learning more formal Bulgarian language in the evenings. There is no time for relaxing right now, but then I thrive on that. 
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