Unemployed In Bulgaria - More Than Likely

Having just got back to work after being laid off with a bad back, it was seemingly back to normal albeit in freezing temperatures and a frozen up Lada that wouldn’t move. Taxi fares took up a third of my daily wage without my own transport and buses that just didn’t go en route to my work place. This is the last thing I need after a week off sick with no pay. Oh well, I thought, once this ice disappears all will be well. Or will it…

Yesterday 5 people got laid off work due to lack of business, today a further two got their cards. The workforce is down from 26 to 18 and on Monday it will be down to 10. Things are in a serious state here. Monday we hear there are more being laid offs with Galia and I two of many more victims of the recession here.

I don’t really feel in the mood for blogging right now, as my mind is preoccupied with contingency plans if more than likely we both get our cards on Monday. Funny, but I just had a horrible thought. Does the UK call? At least I will get Unemployment benefit there if I can borrow the airfare there. A worse nightmare scenario, so stop there Martin.

What am I thinking? We will get through somehow here I know. Thousands of Bulgarians are out of work and have no subsistence money how do they survive? I am about to find out.