A Bulgarian Helping Hand in the Kitchen

The Bulgarian family we have here all think very differently, me included as I found out recently.

It came to pass that the big stone ceramic lined kitchen sink was playing up, it often did being and oversized sink for the very small diameter based plug and outlet pipe, it was more like a drip based drainage system. This meant that on many occasions the system got blocked up; here was another one of those occasions.
A Bulgarian Helping Hand in the KitchenEach time this problem occurs for Baba the whole world has come to an end, the smallest problem and she is in a panic thinking that money is involved to fix it. Her thoughts are for a Bulgarian maestro to be called in to repair the plumping.

Then there is Galia, here answer to the problem was simply to go to the ‘One Lev Shop’ and buy some gunge-eating chemical to chuck down the sink. She was annoyed but not stressed out.

Then there me, my thoughts were that we need a plunger to clear the blockage. We didn’t have one in the Yambol home, but I did have one in the Skalitsa Farmhouse, my idea was to bring it back with us from Skalitsa next time we were there, but that may not be for a couple of weeks with guests staying there.

All these different thoughts to solve the problem were being weighed up when we had a visitor it was Galia eldest son Anton. He was made aware of the problem in hand and didn’t hesitate for a moment to use his Bulgarian practibility to solve the lingering problem. He thoughts took another leaning as he set about working on the task armed with nothing other than a dishcloth and the words 'No problem!'

The dishcloth was stuffed in the small plug and the water run. After a few moments the water line rose by some 15 cm. While this was happening his right arm sleeve of his shirt was rolled up ready for action. We all looked and said nothing as this young Bulgarian took charge of the situation. The dishcloth was removed and replaced by Anton’s cupped hand that now immersed itself into the cold water and over the plug. The height of action now started as three sharp downward jerks of the cupped hand propelled water forcefully into the plug and canal system. The hand was taken out and the water just flowed out with graceful ease.

The problem was solved as the Bulgarian hand plunging hero took a round of applause - his response following his the 'No problem' statement was ‘Bulgaski Robota’. This phrase is commenly used for all work done by Bulgarian and can mean a good or a bad job done depending on which side of the fence you are. In this case is it was a good Bulgarian job as we all sighed a breath of relief; Baba the biggest sign of relief as no payment was involved.